Charlotte & Chris 

A classic, stylish and intimate wedding at one of my favourite venues in the Yarra Valley. Charlotte contacted me with one of the most heart warming emails that I had ever received.

Charlotte's idea of a perfect wedding had changed a fair bit as she matured; instead of having a big party Charlotte chose a more intimate affair consisting of close friends and family.

Holding their wedding in The Stables at The Stones Venue in the Yarra Valley was an easy decision to make. With its soaring red brick walls, rough-hewn timbers of the late 1800s and stylish layout, it was the perfect match.

                   THE STORY                          

I met Chris in Dubai, we were both working for Qantas. I was flying out of Melbourne and he was flying out of London. From when we first met by the pool we have been together ever since. The long distance didn't stop us, it made it more exciting. We would meet in Dubai quite often on work trips or on little holidays around the world. Last year he moved to Australia :) He resigned from Qantas and went back to his normal profession - a teacher. It was meant to be, I've waited a while to meet the right man and he was worth the wait. My ideas of my dream wedding have changed since I was younger, now I am more interested in a smaller, intimate wedding with my closest family and friends. My dad passed away just before I met Chris. So it will be a very emotional day, My brother will be walking me down the aisle. We feel so blessed as a lot of Chris's family are coming over from the UK which is a great effort.

"I would choose five minutes with you over a lifetime with anyone else"

"I've waited a while to meet the right man and he was worth the wait"

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